Thoughtful CUISINE

What sets our food apart?

Undoubtedly it is the unique perspective and creative passion brought forth by our Executive Chef, Lee Hendrickson, that keeps our event dining experiences at Dover Hall a cut above the rest. 

With extensive experience in a multitude of restaurants up and down the east coast, Lee has over the years developed a personal food philosophy which serves as the guiding principle for all of his culinary masterpieces creates for the guests of Dover Hall. 

"Cooking is about feeling. I've always believed that if you show your food love, you'll get the most out of your ingredients and the best product possible. Trust me when I say that you can taste the difference. 

My cooking is also about the impact food can have on people, whether it's at a large wedding at an event space like Dover Hall or at a casual backyard barbecue with friends and loud music. Food has and always will bring people together, and it's undoubtedly my favorite aspect of my craft. 

Because of this, I cook nearly every dish from scratch so that I can be a part of its creation from start to finish. Through this process, I can translate my vision and point of view to the plate, and in a moment bring guests into my culinary world.

That being said, it can't be done alone. I've been incredibly fortunate throughout my career to have worked with great teachers and I challenge myself to be a teacher for my chefs in the same way. Together we work everyday to push the boundaries of our craft and of what we can offer at Dover Hall."

--Chef Lee Hendrickson

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