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jason and valerie



HOMETOWN: Henrico, VA + Front Royal, VA

ALMA MATER: John Tyler CC + UVA 

I fell in love with Jason on the first date. (After which I promptly texted my friend the amazing news). By the third date I knew I was going to marry him. We spent the past summer falling deeper and deeper in love on Lake Chesdin. It was there we realized our personalities complimented each other so well we would be able to get through any separation the military threw at us. I am even now writing this from Arkansas for two weeks at training while Jason is holding the fort down at home in Virginia. I am so proud of and confident in our relationship that I feel like everyone else is missing out. Others have gotten a glimpse of how great of a person he is during my battalion’s dining out. I planned and executed my battalion’s annual dinner hosting generals and the chief warrant officer of the Army Aviation Branch. During this dinner, Jason’s creative soul shined as I asked him to make something for the “grog”. The grog is a rite of passage and very important to military tradition. All eyes are on the grog during a military dinner. Not only did Jason weld a Black Hawk Helicopter to “sling load” the grog bowl, he received accolades from my entire battalion on his attention to detail and accuracy. Jason always places his heart and soul into projects no matter how big or small. For this reason I will always want him on my team. I have never trusted someone so fully with my heart. He is truly one of a kind.